Our Offers

We mutualize our resources with the providers, the intermediaries, the partners,
to help the companies of any sizes and any horizons to take advantage of this world which changes instead of undergoing it.



Thanks to our solutions, 370 000 companies in 140 countries can profit by this quick-changing world instead to be submitted to.

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Affiliated Agents

Come and experiment the 1st collaborative business facilitation network, become an affiliated broker.. An international network where you are trained, equiped with tools and business, supported and respected,...as all members have already done in CIOA, since 20 years.

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Service providers

A resource box in which you can take up, new knowledges, a captive environment: your actions are leveraged to help you to quickly grow.

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The CIOA group partners are convinced that the synergies which they offer are immediately profitable to their users.

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Companies that have interest on us want to profit by this world evolutions rather than to suffer from it.


We offer them :


    Access to international market to find out outputs, decrease their costs, close deals with financial, commercial or technological partners


    Becoming more and more performing thanks to digital technologies


    Profiting of benefits for managers and their staff


Ressources for companies

Through our marketplaces and their communities platforms, companies access the resources useful for their developpment. Thanks to our mutualization system, all these resources are available against a moderated subscription. Services are in extra, ‘a la carte’ or in packs, according to defined objectives.


Commercial and management applications in self service :

  • Marketplace
  • Match-making
  • Videoconferencing
  • E-Phone
  • E-business
  • CRM
  • Affiliate Tools
  • Collaborative Project Management
  • Procurement Management
  • ERP
  • Supply -Chain
  • Business Meeting

E-Learning, Podcast, Visioconference or in live :

  • Economic upgrade
  • Import
  • Export
  • E-business
  • Business Guides
  • Contract Library
  • Business correspondence
  • Marketing


  • Audit
  • Strategy and business plan
  • Mediation
  • Business Negotiation
  • Import
  • Export Development
  • IT development
  • Graphics
  • Business Meetings
  • Assistance Project management


Intermediaries and service providers that join CIOA Group as brokers want to get some share of powerful network strength, willing to give them their place.

  • To develop their talents by becoming partners of the first network of business facilitation for SMEs

  • Access our special portfolio of business opportunities to be developed

  • Benefit from expertise, resources and connections


Some examples of platforms in co-development

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Service providers

Service Providers that choose our solutions are willing to benefit from leverage to grow quickly.

  • Increase their value with our white label solutions

  • Acquire new knowledge in demand

  • Access to a captive audience to sell their services

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Partnerships Providers examples

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The partners of the Group CIOA are convinced that the synergies which he offers are immediately profitable to their users.

  • Join our communities network which develops everything around the planet

  • Benefit from our 20 years of R&D and from our mutualized resources panel to organize an ecosystem business with their users

  • Interconnect their users to complementary actors, give them access to our resources, and generate income.

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Partnerships examples

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Partner Company Partner Company Partner Company

CIOA rewarded for " its capacity to work constantly with these 3 elements: Realization, Progress, Endurance.

Egil Eikass

CEO of Hotel Express International

The milking parlour (industrial dairy) was installed. Its acquisition cost was two and a half times cheaper than what was sold somewhere else in Senegal.

Mr Touré, in the name of Mr Pape DIOP

Former President of the Senegal Senate

A particle accelerator


The CIECC congratulates itself on the partnership with the CIOA, which shows a dynamism performance in the Franco-Chinese relations

Shang Xiao Yue

China's Commerce Ministry

The CIOA is the concrete illustration of what it is possible to make to support the business exchanges in the French-speaking community...

Denis Ettighoffer


The CIOA created a real integrated system for the countries of the South development


The former Cameroonian Secretary, the co-founder of the African Association for the Progress of the Sciences and Techniques

The CIOA is the concrete illustration of what it is possible to make to support the business exchanges in the French-speaking community...

Denis Ettighoffer


With its exclusive concept, the CIOA invented the import export for dummies

Mr Thierry Balazuc

General Secretary of the UPV

The Team

A multidisciplinary, multicultural, motivated team and our solutions, will assist you in the diversity needs for your entrepreneur's life.

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About us

Build up a company ith a business model based on resources pooling, to help in creating value for small and medium operators, has been our leading thread for 20 years. For that purpose, we exploit synergies between players in the chain of value creation.


What makes us different !



OUR ONLY LIMITS : our values